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Chemfree – saving 960 Bathtubs of Water and 90 Canisters of Chemicals?

The new “Thermal Plate Chemfree 101” used by Philtone makes the CtP process not only safer, but also eco-friendlier. At 1,200 plates per week in the 3B-format, the equivalent of 960 bathtubs of water can be saved every year with this new thermal printing plate.
Non-chemical plates are catching up fast, because they require far less resources than conventional offset plates: a company that images roughly 1,200 plates a week in the 3B-format can reduce its annual water consumption from nearly 132,000 to almost zero litres. At the same time, it can go down to twenty-five percent of its previous chemicals and waste and one third of its original energy consumption. “With the Thermal Plate Chemfree 101, which is more productive and safer to use than the previous model, we want to make it far more attractive to switch to eco-friendlier prepress processes,” says Peter Tix, head of the Heidelberg Consumables Division.